"I've come to believe that pursuing our dreams is as important to fulfilling our soul as it is to creating a better world. Doing so taps into a power greater than our own, allowing us to break free from perceived limitations"
Swell - Liz Clark
... and when this power is shared
we get to enhance each others' dreams to new levels!

"Ever since the production of Girl on Wave, GoPro has been by my side throughout my career, allowing me to capture and share my best moments on the water."

"Harnesses, leashes, foot straps, travel bags... when I'm on the road to compete or chase a swell, I need reliable accessories that I can trust and Dakine makes just that!"

"I'm immensely grateful for shaper Fabien Vollenweider's talent and friendship. I could never wave-sail the way I do without his magic boards designed specifically for my size and performance dreams."

"The integrity and work ethic of designer Art Szpunar are through the roof. I love that we live on the same island where we can test and develop the best sails together."

"Fins are essential! If you have a fast powerful car you need good tires. The same goes for boards and fins (or hydrofoils!)" 

"I had the chance to walk inside the Chinook factory in Hood River, Oregon. I love the fact that their sailing parts are made in the US by passionate windsurfers"

"Finally! Bikinis that stay on in big waves while still being cute and comfy. I love the fact that the company makes a legitimate effort towards sustainability and inclusivity."

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