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Ocean Athlete (Windsurf, Hydrofoil,

Stand Up Paddle, Surf),

Value Ambassador


Eco-consciousness, gender-equality, motivational speaking


Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine



A collection of projects Sarah has worked on with passion



Sarah Hauser is a professional windsurfer, value ambassador, motivational speaker, and trainer recognized worldwide for her performance and innovation in big wave riding.


Based on Maui, Hawaii, Sarah is 3x International Windsurfing Tour and 2x Aloha Classic Champion.  She rides some of the biggest waves on the planet and is a strong advocate and powerful voice in support of eco-friendly policies, projects, and products worldwide.  


Originally from New Caledonia, a French Island in the South Pacific, it was Sarah’s parents who ignited her love for the ocean, taking her and her two younger brothers out on their family boat the Placebo any chance they could get.  She found a love for playing music and from a young age studied piano intensely as well as enjoyed playing guitar and performing in bands with her friends. A natural student, her parents both with medical backgrounds encouraged Sarah towards a more secure future than watersports and music. In 2012 Sarah received her Masters in Computer Science from one of the France’s best engineering schools, but her heart was always in the ocean and she knew the life of a full-time engineer was not who she was destined to be.


Embodying the modern manifest destiny, Sarah decided to leave behind the predetermined, traditional life-path she was set on and move to Maui to pursue her passion and forge her own unique path.  Starting over from scratch, halfway around the world from home and learning a new language, but ultimately knowing this is how she’d be the best person she could be to others and herself. Girl On Wave (2017), available internationally on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Direct TV and more, beautifully tells the story of Sarah’s roller coaster to the top of the windsurfing world, while empowering us to always stay focused on our dreams and what we aspire to be as individuals in this ever changing world.  


Seeing the resulting impact of pollution and witnessing firsthand the poverty and unfortunate social issues many still face while Sarah traveled in search of waves was incomprehensible.  In 2018 Sarah launched two initiatives with a team of amazing women - Trashy Selfie Project and Women & Water - inspired to find ways to use her talent and experience to give back and bring hope, power, and action to others less fortunate.  


Sarah is constantly pursuing mental and physical training techniques to allow her to be prepared for any situation big waves or life may throw at her.  She has received her personal training certification and has helped the world’s best windsurfers as well as those vacationing to Maui with workout programs to keep them on the water longer, performing at their best, and feeling great.


Sarah’s commitment to her dream and taking risks of epic proportions has made her a hero to many around the globe - her enthusiasm, passion, and drive inspiring anyone she meets, and she’s only getting started!


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