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"I've come to believe that pursuing our dreams is as important to fulfilling our soul as it is to creating a better world. Doing so taps into a power greater than our own, allowing us to break free from perceived limitations"
Swell - Liz Clark
... and when we do so as a team
we get to enhance each others' dreams to new levels!

"It's a dream come true to partner with a company who believes in being bold, ambitious and brave in a world that constantly changes and also cares about how success is achieved. I am very proud to represent our common values and to be given a voice within the company as a wellness ambassador."


"Ever since the production of Girl on Wave, GoPro has been by my side throughout my career, allowing me to capture and share my best moments on and off the water."


"Harnesses, leashes, foot straps, travel bags... when I'm on the road to compete or chase a swell, I need reliable accessories that I can trust and Dakine makes just that!"

"Working with Keith Teboul is a dream come true! I get to sail with him at Ho'okipa where he has an incredible amount of experience and also Jaws thanks to his trail blazing team of riders."

"The Goya family has welcomed me with so much love and respect. Working with Francisco, Lalo, Jason and their team, I really get to feel part of a multitalented team of people whose passion is to create the best water toys there are."


"Fins and hydrofoils are essential! The equivalent of good tires on a fast car. MFC has allowed me to maximize the potential of all my equipment since 2016" 

"Dermatone keeps me from getting sunburned after long sessions on the water, and is respectful to both the oceans and my body. The company is also climate neutral certified!"


"Finally! Bikinis that stay on in big waves while still being cute and comfy. I love the fact that the company makes a legitimate effort towards sustainability and inclusivity."

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