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About Sarah

Athlete. Trainer. Altruist.

Sarah Hauser is a professional windsurfer, brand value ambassador, wellness ambassador, and personal trainer recognized worldwide for her performance and innovation in big wave windsurfing. 


Based on Maui, Hawaii, Sarah is the Guinness World Record holder for Largest Wave Windsurfed, 3x overall winner of the International Windsurfing Tour, 2x Winner of windsurfing's most prestigious contest the Aloha Classic.  Her accomplishments have earned her the attention of a following who not only supports her athletic conquests but also her advocacy of eco-friendly and gender-balanced policies, projects, and products worldwide. 


Sarah constantly pursues mental and physical training techniques to fully prepare herself for any situation big waves or life may throw at her.  After receiving her personal training certification, she has helped the world’s best windsurfers as well as those vacationing to Maui with workout programs to keep them on the water longer, performing at their best, and feeling great.  She also offers online courses through NC6 Training, as well as live virtual classes for businesses hosting long ZOOM meetings, providing a much welcomed quick break in the routine. 


Witnessing first hand while traveling for competitions and big waves, the pollution, poverty, and unfortunate social issues many face today Sarah could not look away.  Inspired to find ways to use her talent and experience to bring action, power, and hope to those less fortunate, Sarah launched two initiatives in 2018 with a team of amazing women - Trashy Selfie Project and Women & Water.


Originally from New Caledonia, a French Island in the South Pacific, it was Sarah’s parents who ignited her love for the ocean, taking her and her two younger brothers out on their family boat, the Placebo, any chance they could get.  She found a love for playing music and from a young age studied piano intensely as well as enjoyed playing guitar and performing in bands with her friends.  Sarah was a natural student, and her parents, both with medical backgrounds, encouraged Sarah towards a more 'secure' future than water sports and music.  In 2012 Sarah received her Masters in Computer Science from one of France’s best engineering schools.  But her heart was always in the ocean and she knew the life of a full-time engineer was not who she was destined to be.


Embodying the modern manifest destiny, Sarah decided to leave behind the predetermined, traditional life-path she was set on and move to Maui to pursue her passion and forge her own unique path.  Starting over from scratch, halfway around the world from home and learning a new language, but ultimately knowing this is how she’d be the best person she could be to others and herself.  Girl On Wave (2017), available internationally on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Direct TV and more, beautifully tells the story of Sarah’s roller coaster to the top of the windsurfing world, while empowering us to always stay focused on our dreams and what we aspire to be as individuals in this ever changing world.  



Sarah’s commitment to her dream and taking risks of epic proportions has made her a hero to many around the globe - her enthusiasm, passion, and drive inspiring anyone she meets, and she’s only getting started!



Starring in


"Girl on Wave"




Medallia ambassador

Vice World Champion 2023

Sarah travels to the unified IWT and PWA events in Fiji, Peru, Maui and wins enough points to step on the second place on the podium.

Fiji Surf Pro Champion 2023

Sarah wins the first windsurfing world cup event being held at the infamous Cloudbreak wave in Fiji.

2022/2023 IWT Women's Biggest Wave

The "Big Wave Award" (organized by the International Windsurfing Tour) is based on photo evidence and rewards the rider who catches the biggest wave of the winter. Sarah won with an estimated 40ft wave caught at "Jaws" in Maui on January 22nd.

Medallia Ambassador 2021

Sarah partners with Medallia to represent their values of sustainability and advocating for girls and women in sports.

Guinness World Record 2020

Sarah establishes the first Guinness World Record for largest wave ever windsurfed by a woman (36ft).

2019/2020 IWT Women's Biggest Wave

The "Big Wave Award" (organized by the International Windsurfing Tour) is based on photo evidence and rewards the rider who catches the biggest wave of the winter. Sarah won with a 36ft wave caught at "Jaws" in Maui on New Years Eve.

Cloudbreak 2019

Sarah succeeds in her quest to ride the infamous Cloudbreak wave on a last minute mission to Fiji. The footage of the adventure is showcased in the IWT* documentary "Riders of the Liquid Plains".

SAP Ambassador 2019

Sarah becomes part of the SAP elite team of athletes, a huge milestone for a non-mainstream sport athlete.

Start of the Women & Water project 2018

In an effort to improve the WASH* situation in Lobitos, Peru while empowering women through surfing and media art, Sarah and Emi Koch (Beyond the Surface Intl) launch the "Women & Water" project.

Start of the Trashy Selfie project 2018

#trashyselfie♻️ isn't just a hashtag, it's a movement and a community encouraging environmental consciousness and sharing small-everyday-actions that help make the Earth a little cleaner & healthier one selfie at a time!

Aloha Classic Champion 2017, 2018

The Aloha Classic is considered the Super Bowl of windsurfing. It takes place every Fall on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii.

Girl on Wave documentary 2017

Girl on Wave gets international distribution (Amazon, Itunes, DirectTV, Sports Illustrated TV...) and inspires people to follow their dreams.

International Windsurfing Tour Champion 2015, 2016, 2018

Sarah travels to the IWT* events: USA, Mexico, Peru, Morocco where she competes and wins enough points to become the overall champion 3 times.

Engineer Degree in Computer Science 2012

At 23 years old, Sarah graduates from French Engineering school Ensimag but decides to tackle her dream and moves from New Caledonia to Maui, Hawaii.

* IWT: International Windsurfing Tour

* WASH: Water Sanitation Hygiene

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